Wednesday, 17 June 2015

REVIEW: Gerard Cosmetics Site and Star Powders

I know there have been many complaints about Gerard Cosmetics and theres been a bit of controversy surrounding the owner however today I have a positive review of their company and products. Let's begin shall we!

Recently Gerard Cosmetics launched powder highlighters which they've called "star powders" and being a highlighter junkie, I jumped right on the bandwagon and purchased the "powder couple" set which retails for $58USD at the moment. This set includes the highlighters in "Marilyn" and "Lucy" I used the code "THANKYOU" to get 50% off and free international shipping!

I placed my order on the 28/05 and it was shipped the next day on the 29/05 and I received it on the 15/06 which is 11 business days so i have no complaints as their site does state "2-3 weeks outside of the US".

I was worried about how they'd package the powders as I'm use to receiving my Gerard Cosmetics orders in those yellow padded envelopes. I had nothing to worry about on that front because the powders came wrapped and boxed so everything was intact when I received it.

Now onto the actual products themselves.

They come housed in a gold square compact with the GC logo on the top that looks pretty flashy but feels like cheap plastic, similar to their lipstick casing. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging as every time I touch it, it leaves fingerprint marks. Inside the compact there's a mirror so that's very convenient if you ever needed to touch-up while out. They has have a very sturdy plastic flap to protect the powders.

Left to Right: Marilyn and Lucy

The GC logo is imprinted into each of the powders and I feel that this adds value to the powders, however with use the imprinting will eventually fade.
Marilyn is described as being a golden highlight. The powder is velvety smooth and very pigmented. On my skintone (NC25-NC30) this worked perfectly as a highlight.
Lucy is described as being a rosy highlight with a hint of golden shimmer. This powder is the same quality as Marilyn, just as pigmented and smooth! For me, this works beautifully over any matte blush. Now I'm eager to pick up the new highlighter they've just released, "Audrey".

Top to bottom: Lucy and Marilyn
I highly recommend these highlighters to any highlighter aficionado out there, they're beautiful and with the discount, how can you say no? :)

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